The Complete Kidding Kit

It's spring time and that means BABY GOATS!! Goats in little coats, baby goats jumping off everything, kids bounding all around the farm yard! But before you hear the pitter patter of little goat hooves, it's really important to be prepared for their birth! So what should you have on-hand for kidding season?Being born is exhausting!!

I'm an "over-preparer" and time and time again, I have found that it's much better to have supplies at the ready, than scramble to find substitutes or be without a critically important item! Here's a complete list of items I keep in a locked, plastic storage tote:

The Must-Haves:

1) Betadine/Iodine solution (for umbilical cord dips or any antiseptic needs) plus a small plastic cup to dip 

2) Paper Towels (clean up on aisle 10!!)

3) Puppy training pads (useful for wiping/drying off wet, sticky kids and for a clean place to them to lay) and/or old bath towels

4) Colostrum/goat milk replacer or frozen goat milk (kept in freezer from previous supply); in case there's any rejection/health issues with your dam

5) Milk bottle with nipple (goat/sheep-specific bottle or baby bottle with nipple opening cut to enlarge)

6) Gloves: purple nitrile gloves (keep a box on hand), and OB gloves (for any emergencies requiring internal assistance with repositioning the kid or pulling the kid from your dam)

7) Medical scissors and floss (to tie/cut off umbilical cord if it's too long and dragging on ground). Usually my dams take care of this for me 

8) OB lube (just in case)

9) Bulb syringe (to clear away any mucus)

10) Flashlight or head lamp (for night time births or flashlight for internal checks)

11) Mirror (also helps with internal checks)

12) Leg snare/kid puller

13) Calcium drench/CMPK (in case of hypocalcemia/"milk fever")

14) Black strap molasses (we add molasses to warm water immediately after our dams give birth to rehydrate them and provide that immediate boost)

15) Thermometer (in case dams/kids need a temp check: high temp = possible infection, low temp = possible hypocalcemia)

16) Selenium/Vitamin E gel (offer free choice minerals throughout pregnancy and/or goat-specific mineral block, plus BoSe injections twice yearly). Selenium gel is great to keep on hand in case any kids appear weak or "floppy" (indicating possible selenium deficiency or "white muscle disease.")

The Complete Kidding Kit


AND HAVE YOUR CELL PHONE AT THE READY! Make sure to have the vet's phone number in your contact list in case of emergency, and/or local friends/family that can lend a hand! don't want to miss snapping pics of those adorable baby goats once they're born and if need be, you can take pics or video of any concerns you have and send to your vet for assistance. 

Mama Mari cleaning off newborn Ari

Here are some links for products listed above:

Valley Vet:

Caprine Supply:

Tractor Supply:

 Good luck my friends, and happy kidding! There's nothing better than baby goats! 


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